In today’s world, everyone wants a fast phone in his hands but not everyone affords to buy a new one. So I’m here to provide you a very handy way to increase the speed of your Android device whether it’s old or new you pretty much increase the speed of your android device by overclocking the phone CPU.

For make this happen you must know one thing which is really important that you should root your android device to get the full access on your phone and you will be able to overclock your android phone.

Note: if you want to root the android device you can check our article how to root an android device and you will easily root android device without pc


Following steps will help you to overclock your Android device

Step 1: First of all you need to download an app called set CPU. You can download it from google play store or there is one paid version of that as well which you can download from different websites

Step 2: After download the set CPU app. Open the application and set minimum frequency to same as maximum or one point less than maximum.


Step 3: You also see the few options at the bottom. So click on one of them and choose the performance mode. In this sense you able to increase the speed of your Android device.


Extra: If you want to increase the speed of your Android device more, you can turn off the transitions from developer mode in the setting.


Hope this article helps you to overclock an android device


Thank You


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