How to Remove Data Off Warning From Notification Panel on Android [LG V20]

Hi everyone in this article I will teach you how to remove the data off warning on LG V20. But this will work on any other at&t phone in the market. Well, this is really an annoying warning showing that your data is turned off and you should have to on that data. So the following steps will help to easily remove data warning from an android device.

Step 1: If you get this option. Hold down that notification for a few seconds until the setting option comes out from it.

Step 2: Click on that setting which is shown in front of you and you will see the call services setting.

Step 3: Now click on call-services logo on the top and go to the detail setting of call services in which you see permissions, storage and many more.

Step 4: Now click on storage and you will see an option called clear data. And now click on that clear data and you will see that there is no data warning option in the notification panel.


So, guys, this is one of the easiest ways to remove the data warning options on at&t phones and with this technique you will easily remove it.

Extra: If you are not able to remove from the above steps. I suggest you to just reboot your device once and it will remove data warning option from your device.

Hope this article helps you to clear all the problems with your phone data warning notification.


Thank You.

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