How to write a killer resume that makes you stand out | Ultimate Guide

As a job seeker, you are surely sick of being rejected or ignored each time, you apply. Why don’t you reconsider your resume? It might be the main cause! Once your resume grabs the attention of the hiring manager, at first sight, he will definitely go through it.

How to write a killer resume that makes you stand out | Ultimate Guide
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So, what basically a resume is? Nothing to surprise! There are several guys, who are unaware of a resume and still submitting it. A document of the job applicant that represents a brief introduction of his skills, achievements, and expertise is called a resume.

For freelance jobs, you also need to create a great profile, which contains the same information as in your resume. For example, you register on Upwork, provide all the personal and career information. Similarly, on Freelancer, the clients will first see your profile and then hire you, if it is impressive.

For a moment suppose, you are the hiring manager. There is a huge stack of resumes before you. So, what type of resume will compel you to stop on? Here it is! Find below the key points about the killer resume that makes you stand out:

  1. Understand the Applicant Tracking System:

You are not sitting with the hiring manager. He does not know you. The way, he can come to know about you is your resume. So, let’s make it impressive. Another latest system of shortlisting a few resumes is “Applicant Tracking Systems”.  How does it work? Well, it tracks certain keywords. You must know what are they and how to use them in your resume.

  1. Learn the Types of Resume:

First of all, you need to know what are the types of resume and which one suits you?

  • In the Chronological Resume, you mention the latest job history first.
  • The Functional Resume consists of your skillset and lays stress on “what” instead of “when”.
  • Combination Resume is the mixture of both. Here, you write your skills and job history in order (the most recent First).

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  1. What to Add in Personal Information:

The most common part of a resume is your personal information. Every candidate knows where to add it. Yes, you guessed rightly! You’ll write your name, address, contact, email, website link and photo (not necessary) in the header.

  1. Focus on Resume Format:

It is very vital to format your resume. Here, most people go wrong. Let it be professional. For this,

  • Keep in mind that your resume contains a maximum of 2 pages.
  • Use the Serif font (e.g. Calibri), else San Serif (e.g. Helvetica) and the size 10 or 12. Using “Comic Sans” like the font is simply ridiculous.
  • Use single spacing and margins between half to one.
  • Page Size: 8.5 x 11.
  • Bold the word, where necessary to focus on.
  • Give a title and bullets to highlight the skills.
  1. 5. Interests:

Mention your interests only if your interests match with that of the job position.

  1. Abilities:

Read the job description carefully and write the relevant skills, abilities, and experiences accordingly. Do not just focus on adding lengthy information.

  1. Power Words:

Sometimes, the abilities are awesome, but you lose. This is because you do not use the most effective way of writing. So, use the power words, for example, instead of “led”, you can use the word “headed”.

  1. Grammar and Spellings:

If the hiring manager finds a single grammatical or spelling error in your resume, he’ll simply put it aside. So, recheck and correct, if any.

Hurray! You are done with a killer resume! Success is waiting for you. Go ahead! To apply for jobs, whether they are offline or online, you must submit a killer resume. Some of the job listing websites are Rozee.pk, Mustakbil.com, Bayrozgar.com, Indeed.com, and Craiglist.

If you daily apply for ten jobs on these job portals, you will definitely get 2 responses out of 10. So be optimistic and keep applying!

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