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General Tutorial Including Different Android Apps, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

How to prevent kids for inappropriate Videos

How to prevent kids from inappropriate YouTube Videos

As we all know the YouTube is the most popular video platform not only for elders, but it’s also pretty popular among the kids. We all know that YouTube has the...
Google Smart Compose

How to activate Google “Smart Compose” on Android

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is becoming a top trend in modern technology industries. Artificial Intelligence slowly creeps into almost big companies Services and products. Most of the high-level companies like Microsoft and...
How to keep secure your chat records safe and secure: WhatsApp

How to keep your chat records safe and secure – WhatsApp

Whatsapp is a very smart chatting app who don’t need for an introduction. Most people with smartphones are using this handy app not only for instant messaging but also for audios,...
How to Drive Missive Facebook Traffic to Your Website

How to Drive Massive “Facebook Traffic” to Your Website

How to drive massive Facebook traffic to your Website? Facebook is one of the most effective free as well as “PAID” platform to drive more traffic to your website. Free in a...
How to Get "More Traffic" to Your Website

How to Get “More Traffic” to Your Website

A business website is just like having extra employees. Providing information and answering the queries, work 24/7 and make sales. This could help you to get your website a face of...
How to enable unauthorised login alert on FACEBOOK

Facebook | How to enable Unauthorized login alert

Facebook is always been hackers choice. Because Facebook contains lots of personal information about its users as they put their personal information by their own, like posts, images, videos and other...