Huawei is preparing for world’s first ever 5G Television

As we all know that the Huawei has already displayed a 5G Mate X foldable Smartphone earlier this year. Other companies like OnePlus and Xiaomi have also verified the same specs smartphones. In another hand, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is already in the market.

Huawei is preparing for world's first ever 5G Television 8K Resolution in 2019 , by-by smartphones!

Now the Huawei is thinking about something bigger and not stopping on the smartphones. The “Chinese Tech” company said that they are working on the world first-ever 5G television.

Nikkei Asian Review website reported that “5G Television is expected to be introduced as soon as this year. The 5G Television will contain an 8K display panel to view in high definitions screen and with high-quality content. Further said, in order to complete the consumer requirements and eco-system, Huawei is making a 5G TV, however, the company has already smartphones laptops and wearable.

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The 5G Television may not require fiber or any other cable boxes and maybe work just like a router for electronic devices.


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