Huawei is selling 100,000 foldable Mate X phones per month

Huawei says its foldable Mate X phone is selling at a 100,000 a month rate. Since it was released in China in November According to Android Central, the Mate X, which is for sale only in China, sells for 16,999 yuan, or some $2,400.

That’s just shy of rival Samsung’s Galaxy Fold sales estimates, though it’s not entirely clear how shy it is. Samsung’s executive Young Sohn wrongly claimed that the Galaxy Fold had sold 1 million units, but later updated that figure to “400,000 to 500,000” since its September launch at CES 2020.

The two front-runners in the race were Huawei and rival Samsung to bring a foldable phone to market first in 2019. Foldable prototypes were abundant at CES 2019. But when the Galaxy Fold released, Samsung beat most of the top competitors, then reissued after a bumpy launch. The foldable Microsoft Duo and the foldable Razr from Motorola are due out later this year.

Unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2019, Huawei’s Mate was originally scheduled to launch in July of that year. To refine and develop its foldable screen, the company postponed the launch to November, after Samsung delayed the start of its Galaxy Fold after production problems.

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Huawei has not officially announced a launch date for the foldable Mate X outside China but has previously said it will debut in Europe this year in the first quarter. Half of the Mate X panel flips around back so it has a screen on both sides when folded closed. The Mate X’s second iteration is anticipated to unveil next month at MWC 2020.

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