Huawei is Sending Requests to App Developers to Join their AppStore

Huawei is facing a hard time these days Huawei is sending requests to app developers to join their AppStore. By the act of Google, a large tech community was affected. There are a large number of active Huawei users in China and also outside China. Keeping in mind the needs of its users Huawei Company decides to design their own operating system. Now they are trying to survive without Google by designing their own app store.

In this respect, they are sending requests to various app developer companies. The purpose is to publish their applications on the Huawei store AppGallery. One of the publishers showed the email he received from the Huawei to publish apps on AppGallery. The email was a request to join the app store of Huawei. The company says the AppGallery have “270 million monthly active users”. And these users are using “350 million phones”. Half of these users are outside China.

Huawei is Sending Requests to App Developers to Join their AppStore

The company ensures that they will provide app developers with complete support to publish their apps on AppGallery. It gives a free invitation to the developer’s community. But the vague thing is coming to some minds that, what kind of support they will provide to developers.

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Huawei is not the only company that is sending requests to join its app store. Amazon also sends requests for joining the Amazon store. So Huawei is not alone in this state of sending requests.

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