Huawei teases upgraded Mate X foldable with an enhanced hinge and stronger screen

Next year, Huawei will announce an enhanced version of its Mate X foldable smartphone with an improved frame, stronger panel, and faster processor. The details come from Richard Yu, Huawei’s consumer business leader, who spoke to Frandroid during a trip to the headquarters of Huawei. Huawei already plans, presumably in the first quarter of 2020, to carry the new Mate X to Europe.

The Mate X was only released last month, going on sale for $2,400 in China. Part of the foldable panel will flip back, so when it is folded up, you have a screen on both sides. That design made it one of the best options in the first year of foldable phones, as others— like Samsung’s Galaxy Fold — have much more prominent features that produce holes or cracks in the design.

The foldable trend of the mobile phone is expected to grow next year, particularly with the introduction of the new Razr from Motorola. Many companies, including Samsung, are expected to iterate on their existing designs — hopefully offering a little more refined, mature goods than the very large and relatively unstable early models we’ve seen this year.

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Besides the news from Mate X, some information about Huawei’s upcoming smartphone, the P40, also came out. The phone will improve its already excellent photo quality and perform better — essentially what you would expect from a new model, according to Frandroid. Yu said the phone would have a new and entirely exclusive style.

That said, today’s so-called concept leak reveals that the P40 and P40 Pro will probably look like… How we foresee from every other smartphone in 2020. Project mock-ups released by OnLeaks and 91mobiles displaying a rectangular camera enclosure, just as we see on leaks from forthcoming Samsung phones.

The style, though, has one quirk. The P40 Pro is meant to have a screen curving on the sides, and its metal rear appears to come up around the camera corners, perhaps as a drop defense.

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