Honor is preparing to Launch New 5G Smartphone

Huawei’s sub-brand Honor is preparing for its first 5G network smartphone in the first quarter of this year. this new 5G variant will also be the company’s flagship device. 

Huawei’s sub-brand Honor is preparing to Launch a new smartphone with 5G network | News

The president of the company “Mr. George Zhai” also confirmed this news at ongoing World mobile congress 2019 in Shanghai and Said that the 5G smartphone sales will start in 2020 and shipments may reach 100 million till the end of 2020.  Although, the company has not revealed much information about this new 5G variant.

As we all know that the Huawei and its brands are facing a ban from US president Mr. Trump, Huawei is showing and trying to refuse the impact. Huawei has already confirmed Android Q updates for its latest Honor 20 smartphones series and not caring much about the ban by the US Government.

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The company has started a fully dedicated website www.huaweianswers.com and claiming that technical preparations, plans, and testing have already been started for more than 17 devices.

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