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Importance of images and how to do image optimization for SEO

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As images support and explains your content and make your content engaging for your visitors. You should attach SEO friendly images to every article you published to make them more attractive. Since image search is becoming more and more important, your website can get even more traffic through visual searches.

how to do SEO Friendly image optimization

For Image Optimization, follow these steps:

 Image optimization with alt tag:

  • As alt tags tell Google about images, so your images need to be optimized by image alt tags, so that Google search engines can understand your images what your image is about and this helps in ranking your image in Google search results.
  • To provide more contexts to index your image in search engines and for better user experience, use keyword in Alt tags for one time that users search. Make sure you have used the same keyword that used in the whole content.
  • Describe your image to the point in alt text and the image description should be up to 125 characters. For example, if you have technology website and have to Google smart speaker image, you will optimize this image with image HTML alt tag by using the main keyword that you have used in your content of the specific page in your website like

<image src=alt= “On-page SEO Top 9 Rules & Best Practices”/>

So the above alt tag has a keyword “Google smart speaker” that will tell Google this image is about the smart speaker and without alt text, Google will not understand your image and your user experience would be bad.

 Image optimization with the title:

Your image title should be to the point, has structured and keyword as well to optimize it. For example, if you write the title of the smart speaker then you will optimize your image HTML title tag in such a way like;

<image title= “on-page SEO”

So in this example, the title has a keyword, is to the point and has a keyword and structured as well.

Optimize the image URL:

As browser needs URL of any file to index it like this, images also have URLs and they also need to be optimized with your keyword. These URLs are made by two things

  • Filename
  • Where it is directly uploaded

The file name is the keyword that you assign to a specific image when you upload it on your desktop. For example, if your image file name is goggle smart speaker and it is uploaded on then you can optimize image HTML URL in such a way like;

<Image src=”>”

In the above example “” is an image location where it is directly uploaded and Google-smart-speaker.png is the file name of the image and these two things combine altogether and make your asset or image URL.

Image optimization with the caption:

Like this, you can use caption as well for image optimization that tells a short story or description about your image that what is going on in your image.

Importance of quality and relevancy of image in image optimization:

If your image has relevancy to your content and quality then your user’s retention and conversion rate will increase and Google will increase your ranking. When your image is relevant to your product description and has quality, then your user retains on your website and ultimately will convert into your client.

Optimize image for speed and responsiveness:

  • Google already factors in site speed in their search engine rankings. Google measures the speed of your website that, in how much time it is loading. Images are one of the SEO factors that affect your website’s speed, so your website’s images need to be load faster in search engines. If your website images are loading slowly, it will slow down your website speed and Google will penalize your website. Penalize in the sense that it will not rank your website and rank your competitor website that loads faster.
  • Page loading speed increase or decrease the bounce rate of your website. As images take more space, loading time and affect your website speed. If people come to your website and if your website loading slowly due to images then they will not stay more and exit your website. If people exit your website, it will increase your website bounce rate. So to increase the retention rate, you need to increase the loading speed of images that will ultimately increase your website speed. For example, if your website takes 1s to 3s loading time then bounce rate of your website increase to 32% such as
  1. 1s to 3s————bounce rate 32%
  2. 1s to 5s———-bounce rate increase to 90%
  3. 1s to 6s———bounce rate increase to 106%
  4. 1s to 10s———bounce rate increase to 125%
  • So to decrease the bounce rate and increase your website speed, images size needs to be optimized as images take more space of your page. If you don’t optimize image size, it will slow down your web page loading time and badly affect your SEO.
  • To resize and compress your image according to your website dimensions. So your image size should be SEO friendly and it should be up to 100kb and its resolution should be 1920 X 1080. Seo friendly images easily load on your site and increase your site speed and ultimately Google will give you ranking in its search results.
  • You can resize and optimize your image size by photoshop, Google free online resize image tools and websites such as or WordPress Paid Plugins Like smush, etc.

Image responsiveness:  Image responsiveness is very important and you have to make your images responsive to desktop, mobile, LCD, Tablet

Formats and types of images

If we talk about image formats they are available in png, jpg gif, SVG. You have to use lightweight, quality and web standard format of the image to speedily load on your website and that is PNG format.  Nowadays many people use SVG images for their websites as they don’t pixelate and remain scalable when you big these images.

By following these rules of image optimization you can rank your website in Google as it is an important SEO factor and Google pays more attention to it.


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