Today, Apple releases its new iOS 13.3 update with two major features for all compatible devices. One is a significant upgrade that enables the use of USB-C, NFC and Lightning compliant FIDO2 compliant physical safety devices with the Apple browser Safari. These security keys provide greater protection for accounts and Yubico released the first Lightning security key

iOS developers had to integrate Lightning compatibility on YubiKey 5Ci separately into their software, but native Apple support opens it up to all apps and websites. Several web sites, such as Gmail, Dropbox, Instagram, Outlook and Facebook offer security keys, make Apple supporting iOS native for any iPhone user who needs to use a physical safety key for a big improvement.

The upgrade now also includes a new feature, which will help parents: Contact Limits, allowing parents to monitor who can and can not touch their children within Apple’s core apps — phones, face time, messages and iCloud — parents can now decide to restrict their communications with only approved contacts.

This is a helpful security feature, but be mindful that only these particular Apple programs are working; third_party software may allow children to access others, Included in these changes are other small improvements to iOS 13.3.

Beta users have reported improving the RAM control, And Apple also has the choice in keyboard settings to cover emoji stickers. Right now you can update iOS 13.3 on any compatible phone, and test configuration > General > Software Update to download this.


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