Image : LG

LG will start the pre-orders for LG G8 ThinQ in South Korea. The company recently announced the days of pre-orders in South Korea start from March 15 till March 21. LG G8 is relative the lowest priced smartphone ever released by LG. LG G8 along with 128GB storage will cost you around $790 which is comparatively very low against the competitor like Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+.

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LG drop the share in South Korea about 3.1 percent where Samsung increase by 4.1 and Apple share drop by 1 percent. LG needs to sell the LG G8 ThinQ well to maintain the shares in the market.

-Snapdragon 855

-3500 mAH Battery

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So, LG need to sell the flagship in his home country to maintain its market share. Apart of this LG phones are always an underrated but other than that LG makes a really good smartphone and gives you a perfect user experience.


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