List of removed apps from Google Play Store

Google start removing apps from Google Play Store and take a serious action again them that involved in Ad Fraud. This action takes against the Chinese Developer Du Group and gets removed from the Google Play Store.

These applications were found to be abuse user permissions and also include code that let the user click on ad fraudulently. Also, there are some privacy and data collection issues regarding the user of those apps.

Apps collect the information from the user and transmit that data to the servers located in China, which led to the national security risk.

This news was discovered by a BuzzFeed which propose that why a large number of user permission requested or let the user allow potentially dangerous permission.

These apps have a larger number of downloads and when news came out it stated that Chinese developer over 600 million downloads banned from Google Play Store.

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List of Apps that removed from Google Play Store

  • Selfie Camera (50,000,000+)
  • Total Cleaner (10,000,000+)
  • Smart Cooler (10,000,000+)
  • Ram Master (10,000,000+)
  • Aio Flashlight (1,000,000+)
  • Omni Cleaner (10,000,000+)


Over the past few years, Google also banned other developers who do the fraud or violates the policies of Google Play Store. These apps not just involved in Ad fraud but also involved in data collection (illegal).