Logbar ili Instant offline voice translation device for travelers

Logbar ili Instant offline voice translation device is one of the most favourite, handy, lightweight and easy to hold 42 grams translator that can translate your words and phrases in as few as 0.2 seconds without any Wi-Fi and internet connection. It’s portable and wearable so that you can easily take ili Instant offline voice translation device to anywhere you want.

Logbar ili Instant offline voice translation device is faster and even more comfortable for travel

What’s the difference between ili and Apps?

  1. Logbar ili is offline, so no Wi-Fi or internet connection is required – you just feel free to use it anytime, anywhere.
  2. It is a straightforward device just Switches on within one second and starts quickly
  3. ili Instant offline voice translation device’s response time as few as 0.2 seconds.
  4. ili is very clear and provides the translation straight to the other person.
  5. It has a long battery time (3 to 5 days)

 Disadvantages of Apps

  1. Apps need internet connections, and sometimes it’s challenging to find Wi-Fi.
  2. Apps are slow and take more than 10 sec to start.
  3. Apps response average time is about 2 to 5 sec because of Wi-Fi or internet connections.
  4. Translation output isn’t aimed towards the other person.
  5. It Runs out of battery within a day.

ili is optimized for one-way translation and provides instant offline communication and helps, navigate, and shop.” We made a two-way translator prototype, but most of our users were not satisfied” Said CEO Takuro Yoshida.

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What happened when users tried two-way during travel

  1. The listener didn’t know how to appropriately respond when offered ili
  2. They used long, run-on sentences.
  3. They didn’t know whether to hold or push the home button.
  4. They used slang vocabulary and fillers.

Supported Languages

  1. English-Japanese
  2. English-Mandarin
  3. English-Korean
  4. English-Spanish.

You can change the outcome language by merely pressing the side button. You cannot change the input language. The Korean Language is not installed by default, so you need to update the device via ili app after purchase.

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key specs and price.

  • Price:                            $199 + shipping charges
  • Size:                             4.8″L x 1.3″W x .5″H
  • Weight:                         42g
  • Included items:            USB cable, neck strap
  • Battery Charge time:    3 hours
  • Battery life:                  3 to 5 days

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