Microsoft is redesigning the Start Menu Design for Windows 10

Microsoft revealed possible changes during the Windows insider Podcast

Microsoft is indicating that the company is working on a new Windows 10 Start Menu design that will see the company de-emphasize its existing Live Tiles interface During a Windows Insider podcast on March 3. The possible changes were announced, and these improvements are designed to make the interface even more presentable by reducing the number of colored blocks and making app scanning much more comfortable in the process. Remember that Microsoft has been using the Live Tiles interface since the first launch of Windows 10 in 2015.

The live tile interface found in the Windows 10 Start menu may soon replace something that includes fewer colored blocks in the interface. This does not mean that the company will eliminate live tiles for the entire OS. “Direct tiles are not expiring, we have not announced any of them,” says Brandon Lee Blanc, senior program manager for the Windows Insider team.” He added, “Those who enjoy their Live Tiles will still be able to do that.”

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Regardless of these statements, there is a possibility that the Live Tiles interface will be abolished entirely at any time in the future, as not all Windows 10 apps support Live Tiles, and the developers have shown no keen interest in the interface. The report further noted that according to some sources, Microsoft has not yet made a final decision on live tiles in Windows 10, which will be determined based on the feedback coming from the changes in Windows 10X. Speaking of which, the Start menu found in Windows 10X looks a lot different than the one found on the desktop version of Windows 10.

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