Microsoft Office app is available for Android and iOS devices, Combines Word, PowerPoint, and Excel

The all-in-one, Microsoft Office app, is now available on iOS devices. The new development comes just after the Redmond company, which introduced the Office app for Android devices. Particularly, the Microsoft Office app for both Android and iOS devices has been available through a beta preview. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel are available through the app.

It also incorporates the technologies used by Microsoft Lens to convert images into editable Word and Excel documents, search PDFs, and capture whiteboards. The Microsoft Office software can be downloaded directly from the Apple App Store on iOS devices. Android users can, of course, get the latest app from Google Play to get the new experience.

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One of the main advantages that Microsoft offers is the ability to provide Word, PowerPoint, and Excel through the single Office app. The application was launched in November last year, through a public preview, for testing purposes.

Microsoft has emphasized in a blog post since the public beta that they have made “several enhancements” to the Office app. These include compatibility for third-party storage services, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and iCloud; templates are available for creating new documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and overall performance enhancements.

The merger of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel helps reduce the app’s storage requirements. The Word app is available for download on iOS devices with a file size of 282.4 MB, to provide some context, while the iOS Office app is about 378.6 MB.

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Having said in its blog post that, for a few reasons, Microsoft is reluctant to discontinue the standalone Word, PowerPoint, and Excel apps. Users who don’t want all of three of the company’s productivity apps on their devices; are firstly essential. Second, tablet support is currently limited to the Office app. Microsoft also stated that it is working on developing the fully optimized app soon for tablets.

In addition to committing to providing adequate tablet support, Microsoft has announced three innovative features that would join the Office app soon. One of those features includes Word Dictation, which will allow Microsoft Word users to dictate their notes. The program will have toolbars for modifying the formatting and punctuation marks.

Microsoft adds an Outline to PowerPoint feature that allows users to write their presentation material as an outline and use the PowerPoint Designer to render it prepared slides.

The third important feature to come is the Excel Cards View, which allows users to view and edit data using a card format in an Excel table row.

All the new features that Microsoft is introducing would be available in the coming months to both iOS and Android users. The Office app is available on both the iOS and Android platforms for free download. However, to get premium features, you need the Office 365 subscription.

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