Microsoft Surface Pro X: A Brief Overview

Microsoft is offering not only one, but two different Surface Pro devices this year, Surface Pro 7 and Surface Pro X. In this article, I will discuss Microsoft Surface Pro X.

Microsoft Surface Pro X

it’s the Company’s latest attempt at an ARM-based Surface Pro device SQ1 processor inside, a chip that was co-engineered between Microsoft and Qualcomm. And, it hugely impresses to look and sensation tablet PC.

From afar, it looks like a Surface Pro 7, but there are several gentle design and style changes. That means it has an enhanced 13″ display screen inside a 12-inch framework that’s slimmer and lighter compared to the Surface Pro we’re used to.

Price and Availability:

8GB of memory (RAM) and a 128GB solid-state drive initial price of Microsoft’s future-gazing Surface Pro X is about $999 (£999, AU$1,699. However, You can increase the storage, which ups the cost to $1,299 (£1,269, AU$2,149), and also can increase the RAM (16GB) with a 512GB SSD, which charges $1,799 (£1,819, AU$2,899).

All Surface Pro X models include Qualcomm Snapdragon-based, 3.0GHz SQ1 processor chip, as well as the 13-inch, 2,880 x 1,920-pixel (267 pixels per inch) PixelSense touch display in the signature 3:2 feature ratio.

That means the low-priced version of the entire Surface Pro X experience costs $1,269 in the united states to start. That’s for the single the least ideal storage and memory these days, briefly a Surface Pro 7 costs nearly $150 less and definitely will provide a better Intel Core i5 (Ice Lake) processor.


The gadget seems amazingly light and slides simply into almost any handbag – despite having the Type Covers included. The Company {has additionally eliminated the solid angles of the classic Surface Pro design, giving the Pro X a bit more smooth-edged and modern feel and look closer to a smartphone.

There’s just one color choice available for the Surface Pro X: a matte black aluminum finish matching with a black Type Cover that drops the Alcantara fabric, and that’s unsuccessful. This is actually a smooth and straightforward appearance, to be sure, so it’s not all that bad.

As for typing on the new Type-Cover, it’s more comfortable and extraordinarily accurate for a keyboard cover, although it can rebound under keypresses even more prominently than before. We should also admire the comfort approach sticking with the new way box for the Surface Pen Slim.

Regarding the exhibition, it is a 13″ PixelSense touchscreen display with a 2,880 x 1,920 resolution and a 3:2 aspect ratio. This is an attractive and efficient display screen with exceptional color; it is incredibly bright at 450 nits.

Performance :

We’re receiving similar experience from the Surface Pro X’s power profile that we are from its design. There are some significant drawbacks created with the intention of slimness, lightness, and lasting power. But the last points don’t even see a substantial improvement.

Inappropriately, because of the ARM-based SoC, we were brilliant to perform the Geek bench and our video-based battery neglected test on the Surface Pro X. Honestly, that is at least enough for all of us to compare it against its straight competing, the iPad Pro.

Both devices have two different operating systems, but both processor chips were specially designed to perform within their particular OSes, so that description does not fly these days. Whereas regular day-to-day tasks, such as surfing the web and making documents in Microsoft Office, checking your emails, ran very smoothly on the Surface Pro X, trying to do everything more active than that could cause problems. You could leave with editing photos and other images on this tablet via Photoshop, but that’s about it.

Battery life:

Microsoft offers approximately 13 hours long battery time for mixed usage time for the Surface Pro X, advertised as one of the tablet’s most appealing features because of its new ARM-based processor. Well, I am sorry to say that this hasn’t criticized out in our testing.

The Surface Pro X did last a lot more compared to the Surface Pro 7 (6 hours and 2 minutes battery timing) in our video neglected battery test. However, the older Surface Pro 6 (8 hours and 45 minutes battery time) survived almost an hour prolonged than a new version.

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This is certainly more than probably because of its even sharper display than its two ancestors, not to indicate brand-new silicon in comparison to the impudent repetition of the 14nm Intel processor in the Surface Pro 6.

In the end, while the Surface Pro X battery life is undeniably long, it’s just not if Microsoft’s Pro 6, which holds the crown for extended-lasting Surface Pro tablet to date.

Software and features:

As with every Surface device that has headed it, the Surface Pro X is not feature-laden, neither are there any essential pieces of software to talk about. Plenty of apps are not managed at all, due to the causal processor structure – that has its ups and downs. The prominent edge here is that there is absolutely no bloatware on this tablet at all because it’s offered directly by Microsoft.

Further advancement is the Windows “Hello facial” verification, by using a tablet’s ultraviolet camera next to its webcam, and is as rapid and exact as before. Just like they already have back, User can open the tablet from its Type Cover, and it’s previously logged into Windows 10.

Talk about instant-on performance.

This Surface Pro X has got the added advantage of LTE connectivity through a Nano-SIM slot. This makes for an always-connected device, and of course, it will cost extra cash every month.


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