Microsoft Teams fell down just as thousands of workers logged on to work remotely

Today morning Microsoft’s chat and messaging tool, Microsoft Teams, is felling down across Europe. The disruption began just as thousands of workers joined the company and attempted to operate remotely amid the continuing pandemic of coronavirus. Currently, members of Microsoft’s chat and messaging tool “Teams” are having trouble logging into the service and sending messages. “We’re investigating messaging-related functionality problems within Microsoft Teams,” said Microsoft’s support account on Twitter.

This is not an ideal situation, as many companies empower workers to work remotely and interact through programs such as Microsoft’s Teams. Also, many instantiations are now using remote-education tools such as Microsoft Teams. Some schools in the Netherlands are instructing students to log into the digital questions service today.

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This is the second significant outage this year that has affected Microsoft Teams. The service also came down after last month Microsoft had forgotten to renew SSL security certificate. After three hours of issues, Microsoft finally got teams running again, and apologised for losing the expired SSL certificate.

The problems surrounding Microsoft’s teams also come just hours after Xbox Live was down briefly. Microsoft hasn’t disclosed the exact cause of the Xbox Live outage, but it’s probably linked to a demand development. Steam has hit a new 20 million concurrent online user record, just as people begin to stay more at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

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