Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Microsoft will soon bring its antivirus apps to Android and iOS

Microsoft Defender mobile phone app will be available later this year

Microsoft plans to introduce its antivirus apps for Android and iOS later this year. The tech giant is developing apps for both mobile phone operating systems intended to provide antivirus protection and a “complete command-line interface.” Microsoft is not announcing what the apps are going to do yet, but the company is preparing to demonstrate them at next week’s RSA Conference.

As a result, Microsoft replaced Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), and the Mac app offers total virus and threat protection combined with the ability to search quick or complete scan.

Microsoft’s Defender mobile phone clients are likely to be quite different from the desktop versions. Specifically, Apple’s iOS platform doesn’t allow apps to scan for malware across an iPhone or iPad. Although, a variety of Android antivirus applications are available, however. Microsoft will enter this vast market to prevent sideloaded malware into mobile phones in Android apps.

One of the main goals for Microsoft Defender on iOS and Android is phishing protection to avoid company employees from unintentionally exposing their usernames, passwords or other account information. However, it is not yet clear how Microsoft does this on iOS.

Because both mobile apps come as part of Microsoft’s corporate security program, it’s doubtful they’ll be open for use by customers. Microsoft is also today announcing Windows Defender ATP for Linux, alongside the mobile phone news. As part of Microsoft’s greater effort to secure computers beyond Windows and macOS, a business preview is available for test.

Microsoft Office app is available for Android and iOS devices, Combines Word, PowerPoint, and Excel


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