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Microsoft’s xCloud Prototype Xbox Controllers for Smartphones

controllers will be available to use in time for the "xCloud" video games streaming release

Microsoft is testing its “prototype Xbox controllers” for tablets and smartphones. The Xbox controllers can be mounted with devices to provide a similar experience like “Nintendo’s Switch.”  According to a recent Microsoft Windows Central Research paper, “The success of the Switch is a testament to the value of mobile gaming with physical controls.”

Microsoft’s xCloud "prototype Xbox controllers” for smartphones | Research, and Experiments

Microsoft is continuously trying out and experimenting with a variety of slide-grips that may make the accessories much more versatile, easy, and less compact than alternatives that previously exist like ION iCade mobile,  GameVice, and GameCase, etc. Microsoft Research has first revealed these types of “prototype controllers” back in October, and now Microsoft has even disclosed the idea.

“Google’s Stadia cloud streaming service.”

These reveals and research never mean that these controllers will be available to use in time for the “xCloud” video games streaming release, but recently, Microsoft has been experimenting, continually testing and overhauling its research section to ensure its technology and inventions to become a reality. These prototypes (representative models) looks more practical superior solution than existing controllers or depending on touchscreen controls for games.

“Don’t be surprised”

Microsoft is also focusing on a “Touch-Adaptation” solution for xCloud. Therefore, programmers and designers can develop their video games further touch-friendly.  Microsoft has always openly demonstrated its cloud gaming service with an Xbox controller attached to an Android phone, and the company might be ready to fill that gap.

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