Most Expensive Smartphones Of 2019

Technology is changing every single day and we see the news of a new smartphone every single day but here it comes the most important part of smartphone that, how much those phones will be cost ?

So following are the most expensive smartphones of 2019 that already announced.

Huawei Mate X:

Well for the running time this phone is one of the most expensive phone of 2019 and just announced by Huawei in MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2019. You think of its price, well most of the people don not afford this phone. This is a new technology called as foldable phone and will cost you $2600. This phone is really expensive as this is just an announced.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold:

Galaxy fold is also announced and this thing is also really expensive. It will cost you about $1,980 but the other variant of this device is over $2000. Other variant means that this phone also come up with the 5G technology so it will be over $2000. Along with 8GB ram and 7.3 inch display when unfolded.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus:

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

Galaxy S10 Plus is just launch and this a flagship device from samsung and got a lot of rumors about this device, about the camera and other display specification. This phone features an in-glass fingerprint sensor and a really small bezel. This phone will cost you $1000 but just for a base variant. If you want more specs you will be charge more.

Iphone Xs:

Iphone Xs is yet the latest phone from iphone but not the latest in the market. Iphone Xs is from 2018 and still the expensive phone in the market. This phone basic variant will cost you $1000 and over $1000 for more specification.

Huawei Mate 20 pro:

Huawei launch this phone in 2018 but this phone still cost you $1000 when you go and buy this device. One of the best phone in 2018 and also expensive.


So in this article I discuss about the top companies and phones that people buy in everyday life. I know most of the diamond phone and other stuff people do not buy that so I didn’t include those phone in this article.

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