New Samsung Galaxy Buds seem on the way and may have a better battery life

When Samsung announces the Galaxy S11 family early next year, a new pair of Galaxy Buds that may be called Galaxy Buds 2 will probably be shown by the company. Whether they look, sound and work the same as the current model, I’m not going to be shocked, but one thing we know is about improving for the better is its battery life.

A new set of Samsung Galaxy Buds hit the FCC, suggesting that a new version of Samsung’s wireless Buds 2  will soon arrive — and the Droid Life reports have a frightening piece of information that could suggest improved battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

In a diagram where the correct FCC labeling will appear on the new Galaxy Buds, you can see that each bud can have a “300mA” capacity and that the case can have a “600mA” capacity, which could potentially mean a triple of the battery life for each bud on the market today over the Galaxy Buds, and a slight improvement in battery life for the case.

Though, you shouldn’t necessarily trust those figures, because the battery scores in their FCC filings were higher than those on the retail product for the original Galaxy Buds.

Similar to other wireless buds, it is worth noting that the new Buds already have a good battery life. For comparison, the base AirPods get around five hours on a single charge, while the new Buds were marketed for the buds at six hours and the case seven hours of reserve.

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But, the FCC filings don’t have any other photos, so we don’t know what the buds or the case would look like, and we don’t know how much they might run. However, the filings don’t give us much insight as to when the new Buds will be out since filings frequently occur weeks or months before goods hit the market.

Nonetheless, in February, Samsung is officially expected to launch the Galaxy S11 and a new vertically folding Galaxy Fold, so maybe Samsung will also be debuting the new Galaxy Buds in February.

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