Nreal augmented reality glasses are arriving this month in Korea

The Nreal Light augmented reality glasses are arriving in Korea along with Samsung’s recently announced Galaxy Note 20. LG Uplus will offer the headsets for $586 (around 699,000KRW) as a standalone product and bundle them with the LG Velvet Galaxy Note 20 or and a 5G data package for $295 (around 349,500KRW). Online sales will starts today 11h of August, and the headsets will be available in markets on 21 August.

The Nreal Light (also known as “U+ Real Glass”) is a light sunglasses style headset that binds to a dedicated computing system — the Galaxy Note 20, in this instance. It works with spatial tracking and projected images to overlay devices into the physical world. When you watch videos, play games, or read websites, Nreal pitches them as a greater alternative to a smartphone. It’s assuring to include support for Facebook, Instagram, Chrome, and among other apps.

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The customer retail model comes with a variety of nose clips to match different faces, as well as an insert for the corrective lens and a black “VR mask” that covers your outer vision to make a better image. Nreal previously shipped a development kit of $1,199 which included a controller and a specialized mini-computer. The customer model of the glasses would use a smartphone-based management system, and at some point, Nreal stated it would also add hand tracking to the glasses.

Nreal is one of just a few companies currently seeking to offer professional, smart glasses for general use. The leading Rival company Magic Leap — who challenged Nreal for “blatant copying” until the case was dismissed in June — lately turned its attention to mixed-reality enterprise. Google bought the North startup and has reportedly withdrawn support for the North consumer glasses introduced in 2019. The augmented reality company “Tilt Five” is also planning to launch a set of holographic glasses, but they’re designed exclusively for tabletop gaming.

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Besides, Nreal, (China-based company), has signed agreements with Japanese carrier Deutsche Telekom and KDDI, along with a mixed reality incubator program with the latter. It has not confirmed plans for a release in the United States.

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