OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro are getting Android Q Beta 3 Builds | With have some bugs!

OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro users and now getting Android Q Beta 3 i. The company, OnePlus has provided download links for both the devices and users will need to flash their phones with the update. OnePlus has also provided a complete guide on “how to install the update”, and, in case users change their mind can go back to the previous release as well.

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Users need to create data back before starting the flash process. And this is required, In both cases, update either rollback. This update is basically intended for the developers. Normal/Regular user may face some problems after having this Beta version as it is filled with bugs, so we recommend you to think twice before getting this beta version on your phone, especially if you using your device for everyday tasks.

OnePlus also notes that the update has some known bugs like expected “Ambient Display” is not working properly in many cases and scenarios, there are a number of system stability issues. navigation gesture is not working, SMS cannot be sent when VoLTE is enabled and most of all the “recovery mode” does not work properly. The OnePlus also said, “some apps may not function as expected”.

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any user who is not well familiar with the Flashing a ROM process could accidentally brick their smartphone. So if, any one of you is interested in the flashing process should follow all steps provided by the company or detailed in different forums

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