Oneplus 7 Hands-on | Pop-out Camera | Leak

So we are already looking forward for a new smartphones in this year. Like Samsung Galaxy S10 and Huawei Mate X and others. But in all this we miss the oneplus because price matters a lot in the tech world. So, taling about the oneplus 7 we already have an article about Oneplus 7 where we show the live image of oneplus 7. Now this time oneplus 7 another leak comes up and the main source of getting this leak is not the less /LEAKS twitter account. So /LEAKS posted in there twitter account abut the leak of Oneplus 7.

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So this leak clearly shows that the Oneplus 7 gets an pop-out camera feature not like Samsung Galaxy S10 where the camera is built in the display. But the Oneplus 7 leak shows us that there is no in display camera but also there is no notch but you will get a sliding camera just like few other companies do the same (Xiaomi).

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So we are looking forward for Oneplus 7 to come up with a very reasonable price range. We are know people buy oneplus phone because of the reasonable price range.


Thank you.

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