Oneplus 7 latest leak live image

Well, the flagship killer with a very reasonable price range everyone wants it. That’s why people before the launch of the phone wants the leaks regarding that phone. So yes I talking about the Oneplus 7 as all know Oneplus delivers the most powerful Android devices in the market with a very reasonable price range. So Oneplus 7 is the upcoming smartphone from Oneplus and peoples are getting excited about the phone. So here I got the leak from /LEAKS twitter account. The live image of the oneplus 7. Well for the fans of oneplus it is really a piece of big news for them to see the original Oneplus 7 live image. Well, unfortunately, this is just a leak I’m not sure that the phone exactly looks like this but there are some chances that phone looks like the picture.

Well, this is just a leak of Oneplus 7. What do you guys think about this leak fake or real? Comment below to let me know about the leak and for more upcoming leak stay tune.

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