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Oneplus 7 Pro Packaging Leaks

Oneplus 7 Pro has a lot of leaks over the past few days but this leak is a bit different one. Oneplus 7 pro the second most expensive smartphone by Oneplus will be in the market in the next few weeks. But here we got the unboxing of the official Oneplus 7 Pro whereas we didn’t get the Oneplus 7 Pro on camera but other accessories come along with the Oneplus 7 pro box is in the picture. This packaging is official by Oneplus.

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The box contains mainly 2 extra accessories, Wireless Bullet 2 and A Warp Charger (in-car). This time around the Wireless Bullet got an update from its last year Oneplus Bullets. None the less  Warp Charger is also the powerful accessory for specified users.

This leak got out from Linus Tech Tips tweet which was now deleted and also further images by Ishan Argawal which show the outer packaging in a little detail but no Oneplus 7 Pro.