Oneplus 7 Pro will have an A+ grade OLED Display, by DisplatMate

Oneplus 7 pro display score
              Source: DisplayMate

Smartphones displays are getting better every single day, for that purpose everyone wants to know the in-depth review of their smartphone, DisplayMate is the source that you need for in-depth display review. This site tests most of the current smartphones screens “are they up to the scratch”, and this website is very useful in case you need to buy a need smartphone and you checked the display on this website.Oneplus 7 pro will be officially released on May 14 but DisplayMate able to review the display of Oneplus 7 pro.

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DisplayMate tweet about the display of Oneplus 7 pro and they say this is one of the best display in the market. DisplayMate gives the rating of A+ to Oneplus 7 pro ”Highest possible”. The full review will be out on May 14 after the official launch of Oneplus 7 pro.

Oneplus 7 pro is the second most expensive smartphone by Oneplus and news about the Oneplus 7 pro display make it worth the extra money. For the full review, we need to wait until the phone will launch.


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