The desktop mouse and touchpad is being used for a long time. Now the most epic point come in the history of mouse, in the form of Padrone Ring. This ring is named so because of the inventor technology named Padrone design.

It is a wearable and fashionable ring that is actually a wireless mouse. Padrone Ring turns any place into a mouse that can be a table or your lap providing a large work area. This ring can become a great startup.

It works wirelessly by connecting to your desktop computer or your laptop via Bluetooth. Bluetooth feature of this ring helps a lot because it even does not need software to work with it. This works only by your gestures. Padrone ring is one of the Top “Gaming Mouse”. This wireless mouse has a rechargeable battery that can be easily changed within 3 hours. Charging of this ring is also wireless. This is an epic mouse with waterproof technology and it has a weight of only 8 grams.

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One of the most important features of this ring is for the people that work on their computers for a long time; this wireless mouse can help them in their work without any fingers or wrist pain.

After the invention of such a masterpiece, it is not hard to say, “Technology at one’s fingertips”.



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