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Philips Air Purifier – A perfect choice for Your Home

Air purifiers are now coming along with many value-added features to make a choice even easier.

The vacation season is the perfect time to relax and enjoy some good time with loved ones. It is also a time when you buy something of your favorite electronic devices and home appliances. One product that is important an Air Purifier.

But the question is: why do you need an air purifier? As we all know, air pollution has become a big problem. Primarily If you reside in an industrial city, the situation could be even worse for you. Polluting the environment can make sick in several ways. As a result, it seems sensible to purchase a perfect one to prevent health problems relating to air pollution.

If you want to purchase a suitable air purifier for you, make sure to follow these essential tips in mind:

select a reliable manufacturer

The air purifier industry has improved and extended over the last couple of years, and there are numerous small and big brands available in the market. Choosing a perfect air purifier has become more and more difficult. One simple thing you can do is choose a brand name in the business for a long time and have a substantial market share.

Philips is around 124 years old, with more than four decades of research and experience regarding air purification products. The company is the number 1 brand globally, with a massive percentage of the market share in the air purifier market. Philips offers several air purifiers at different prices and sizes that make it easy to choose the one that suits your requirements.


An air purifier may look complicated from afar, but they’re simple. However, when you are purchasing one, make sure to make a choice that provides, at minimum, a three-way air purifying system. This setup includes three distinct air filters; a pre-filter, carbon activated filter, and a True HEPA filter. A True HEPA filter removes 99.97% of the airborne contaminants.

Air pollution often contains a variety of contaminants. One of the most irritating of them is the PM2.5 particles. These particles move through the nose and flow into the lungs, leading to long-term health issues. That is not all; bacteria and viruses can hold on to these particles and reach our insides. Philips’ air purifier can take out these small (0.003 microns) particles that are often smaller than the size of a virus.


Not all air purifiers have the same technology to purify the air. You need to make sure the air purifier you purchase is adequate and choose the right CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) before purchasing. CARD decides the airflow of the air purifier and how effectively and quickly it can purify the air in a specific environment. Philips promises its air purifier can clean a typical room in just 6 minutes under normal conditions.

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Value-added features and benefits – Philips air purifier

Air purifiers are now coming along with a more significant number of value-added features to make a choice even more comfortable. Philips offers real-time PM2.5 display screens and a colored AQI light that allows learning more about the indoor air quality in real-time. Philips also introduced a sleep mode that controls the fan speed and noise level when you are enjoying sleep, while the air purifier works to make it sure you breathe in clean air.

Philips AeraSense technology automatically monitors the air inside your room. The technology helps these air purifiers sense changes in indoor air quality and suitably adjust the fan speed to quickly clean the air as it detects changes in air particles inside a room.

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