Qualcomm new Processor for low end devices Qualcomm QM215

Not everyone buys a very expensive smartphone so Qualcomm basically tries to make a new processor called Qualcomm Qm215 for low-end devices which makes this processor a less cheap in comparison to the Snapdragon series of Qualcomm.

The processor features a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor and it is tested on 16 GB internal storage device which means a really low-end device.

Qualcomm hasn’t yet announced the price of this processor but it is really cheap compared to the Snapdragon series.


Actually, Qualcomm wants to attack the low market and give the competition to the low-end processor like MediaTek. Where low-end devices mostly feature MediaTek processor.

So this is all about the new low-end processor of Qualcomm and I hope this will help you to know about the Qualcomm QM215


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