Qualcomm’s “Boundless XR” wireless VR that can connect to PCs

Qualcomm is focusing on a new VR (Virtual Reality) headset that can also be connected with wireless-equipped pc. As per the Source  “this headset will be demoed at the Game Developers Conference that is currently going on in San Francisco”. This product could possibly be available for sale in the Asian market this year.

Qualcomm’s “Boundless XR” wireless VR that can connect to PCs

The most special feature of this product is, it will connect into PC for an extra VR gaming Libraries. While most other mobile VR headset hasn’t this functionality.

The new Qualcomm “Boundless XR” will work on its own, just like a mobile standalone headset. The headset is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 with 6 degrees of flexibility which can also connect to “PCs for PC VR” gaming.

The latency level is also surprisingly very low as 16ms as “Qualcomm” claims and it will help to free up some memory and processor in PC. Because this headset is designed to process VR technology while connected. The headset is equipped with wireless 802.11ad with “Qualcomm’s” unique software. So only the PC’s gaming console with the exact wireless specifications may possibly connect with this headset.

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Qualcomm makes a verity of “Virtual Reality” models. But only a few companies have taken up with Qualcomm on those designs including Facebook, Lenovo, and HTC. Qualcomm says “the first headset with the new reference design will be a Pico Neo 2 VR headset for the Chinese company Pico VR”. HTC Viva is another partner that is trying to support the new hardware, content, and specification.

This headset is just a reference design there are huge possibilities that it may not arrive in the market.


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