As if you do not know about the history of Samsung Foldable phone let me give you an idea of when this foldable phone comes in the tech market by Samsung. This foldable phone concept is a very old roundabout in 2012. Samsung presents the idea of a foldable phone in 2012 where you can get the video of that from YouTube which is really an old video but still an interesting thing.

So there are a lot of rumors about this Samsung Foldable phone, some rumors say that this phone will be called Galaxy X. And most of the people name this phone as Galaxy X, but now the interesting part comes with the new rumors which say that the phone will be called as Galaxy Fold which is an important rumor and also the leak. This leak is directly coming from a king of leaks Evan Blass. In his twitter, he twitted that Samsung Galaxy Foldable phone will be named as Galaxy Fold.

There is a little time remaining from the release of this video, so hope so you will get the name of the new technology

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