Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could come With under-display camera technology

Samsung announced its second foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Z Flip, and is also working on its Galaxy Fold’s second version. Now, a leak from Aju Daily, a South Korean newspaper, claims that the Galaxy Fold 2, codenamed’ Champ,’ would come with an under-display camera.

Samsung has been working on under-display Camera technology for some time. If these reports are accurate, the Galaxy Fold 2 will be Samsung’s first smartphone with an under-display camera. Other stories separately tip the size of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 display, while another tipped its start date to be in July.

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Aju Daily’s report says the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is codenamed Champ, and will not have any’ camera holes’-referring to Samsung’s Infinity-O Display terminology for hole-punch displays. Instead, Samsung will use the technology known as’ under-display camera (UDC).’ This means it is going to start in the second half of this year.

The under-display camera technology will enable smartphone companies to eliminate a notch or hole-punch display, thereby further reducing bezels for an all-screen smartphone. As per previous reports, Samsung has been working on this technology, but companies Xiaomi and Oppo have already shown prototypes of this new technology in action.

The upcoming Galaxy Fold 2 will have a 7.7-inch monitor in its open unfolded position, says Ross Young, founder of Monitor Supply Chain Consultants. His tweet also indicates it will arrive sometime in the middle of the year. A well-known tipster, Max Weinbach’s also shared similar details and said the Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to launch around July. He mentioned in another tweet about the launch schedules for Samsung in Q1 will be dedicated to the Galaxy S and Galaxy Z Flip series, while the Galaxy Note and Fold phones will be launched in Q2/3.

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As the official name for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is unclear till now, previous reports have shown that Samsung keeps the’ Z’ branding for its foldable phone line-up.

There have been no official announcements for the upcoming Galaxy Fold 2 launch, size, or availability. If the July release date correct, Samsung will launch two foldable smartphones around six months. However, if the company manages to incorporate a camera on display, the Galaxy Fold 2 would have a visual appeal that is even more fascinating.

Samsung released its first foldable smartphone, $1,980, the Galaxy Fold, a few months after its scheduled launch date due to some issues.

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