Samsung Galaxy Fold GeekBench

Samsung Galaxy Fold Geebench

Samsung Galaxy Fold the name that everyone waits for a long time. As if we see the history of this concept we must say, that Samsung starts working on this project way back in 2012. But now it’s out and a lot of questions that comes first into the mind of a tech geek.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold geekbench will surprise you because of his specification. Samsung Galaxy Fold has a latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 with 12GB Ram and many more but if we take a look on Samsung Galaxy Fold Geekbench score it’s not the best score of this time. Even the Samsung Galaxy S10+ has a more score then this device.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold is the first generation of Samsung Fold technology and we should have to compromise on this technology at the start, but with this specification, it should have to get the best score than all other latest smartphones.

Benchmark is not always the best choice to consider the best phone. User experience matters a lot and new technology.

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