Samsung Galaxy Fold is ready to launch: Samsung official

Galaxy Fold creates a hype when first launched earlier this year. But unfortunately having issues with the display and having that protector to pull it off make problems with the display does get criticize. Samsung gives a new idea of the smartphone but not having enough to sell it out. With a very high price range of $1,980 people try to stick with their flagship devices. Samsung gets back all the handset and provides a delayed launch of Galaxy Fold.

Samsung Galaxy Fold launch is in its final stages and will not be too late
Source koreaherald.com


Samsung said, back in May that issues had been fixed but after that, no progress has been made.

Now, at a conference conducted by the Korean Information Display Society in Seoul on 18 June 2019, Samsung display Vice President, Kim Seong-Cheol, said, most of the screen related issues of Samsung Galaxy Fold have been “ironed out” or fixed and it is ready to be released.

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Samsung has provided a launch date before but not release the phone. For the first time, it was scheduled to be released in April but never release.

Now the news comes around that Samsung Galaxy Fold will be released before the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or after Samsung Galaxy Note 10 not yet confirmed.


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