Samsung Galaxy Note 10 4 Models [Leak]

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is an upcoming device from the device from Samsung. This leak comes directly from the SamMobile official website that works for Samsung mobile. Usually Samsung launch Galaxy S series and Note series but Samsung never made an extra or additional Note model in any Note series lineup but this time Samsung think differently as Huawei wants to get the first position but the huge success of Samsung Galaxy S10 will keep retaining the first position for Samsung.

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The Concept of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 4 models is directly from Samsung Galaxy S10e because it gives Samsung a lot of sales. So, rumors say, Galaxy Note 10 comes in four models. One is with 6.28-inch display and other is 6.7-inch display with LTE support and the other 2 models with the same specification but have 5G connectivity, which means Samsung is looking forward to launching four new models of Galaxy Note 10.


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