Last week, Samsung rolled out an update for its Galaxy S10 series with lots of camera improvements and some other features. on the other hand, immediately after releasing these updates, the user has started some complaints which are about some apps and other problems. Now reports are coming that Samsung has stopped the updates to fix the bugs. the new updates will no longer available to download and users need to wait for another update package without that kind of bugs soon.

Samsung Galaxy S10 new released software updates are no more available after some bugs reported by the users

According to SamMobile update states, that company has just revoked its latest Galaxy S10 update after having a verity of bug reported by the users. so the news updates are now no longer available to download, so the rollout has been ceased as well, so all the users who have already updated their smartphone, have no other option and should have to wait for the upcoming bugs free Samsung Galaxy S10 updates. The company has not revealed the dates when these updates are going to be released yet.

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The latest released updates launched by the Samsung came with having some bugs that induced some third-party apps like Twitter, WhatsApp, and Nova Launcher to become unresponsive. while for several customers, smartphones have touch input problems and become absolutely unresponsive sometimes, and then suddenly reverted back to performing normally. Other Some other problems that users are facing after having recent updates include overall laggy user interface navigation experience, phone apps getting stuck randomly, slow unlocking speed, and automatic apps restrictions.

some other issues such as clearing the system cache, clearing the app, booting the phone in recovery mode are also included. even more, a factory reset was not able to solve the issues. The recent update was announced to deliver new Android security patches,
Night Mode adjustments, Live Focus support with both for telephotos lens and ultra-wide lens as well.

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