Samsung have made improvements to the Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold launch is in its final stages and will not be too late
Source koreaherald.com

Samsung delayed the launch of the Galaxy Fold after having issues with the review units. The device was supposed to be released in the US on April 26 but that didn’t happen and the company still hasn’t confirmed a new release date.

It took back all of the review units from the reviewers and said that the display protection would be improved. A report right from South Korea that Samsung made some improvements to the first Foldable smartphone.

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Galaxy Fold Improvements:

According to the report, Samsung has tucked the upper layer into the body. This will not allow the user to peel the upper layer. The display on some review units had broken because of this reason. The user peel of the protective layer because it looks like a screen protector. Samsung provides a great solution to tuck the layer into the body so, the user will not able to peel it off.

There are also some improvements in the hinge department. There is also a small gap at the top and bottom of the hinge. So, the lint could get in the lodge beneath the display, causing display language. The report says, that Samsung will reduce the gap to prevent lint and dirt.

These improvements are tested with mobile carriers in South Korea. Samsung will announce a new Galaxy Fold release date this month. Galaxy Fold will arrive in June.




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