Samsung is changing the Bright Night camera feature of Galaxy S10. SamMobile reported that this new feature will allow Galaxy S10’s user to instantly trigger a Night Mode for “Low Light” photographs into its own specific dedicated night mode. The user also can manually use it anytime if they would like, rather than depending on the algorithm to select for them.

Samsung turning out the Galaxy S10’s “Bright Night” Feature into a Dedicated Night Mode

Previously this update is only available in Switzerland and once the update of the feature will completely roll out in all the countries, the Users will have a new night mode option for the camera. This function can be activated by swiping just like other camera functions like Instagram or Panorama modes that are already included in Samsung’s Camera App.

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The absence of manual night mode was one of the most complicated and confusing features of Galaxy S10. Users were not fully allowed to choose when to use Bright Night Photo shots and that was a very strange thing.

The Manual control is so nice and Samsung is already doing all of the work to develop the night Mode function of Galaxy s10. It will be great to know that Samsung is offering this function as a full-fledged feature for all the individuals who want it.


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