Friday, November 27, 2020
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Samsung’s “Galaxy S10 Plus” Ultrasonic In-Display “fingerprint Sensor”

Samsung is now ready and shipping the “Galaxy S10 Plus and S10” with its Preinstalled screen protector as well. The Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor have ability of perform Fingerprint Scan on a screen with scratches. Samsung already tested the Fingerprint scan on “Scratched Screen”.

Samsung’s “Galaxy S10 Plus” Ultrasonic In-Display “fingerprint Sensor”
Samsung’s “Galaxy S10 Plus”

Samsung has built a unique in-display that were not seen in too many other companies’ Flagship Smartphones’ Fingerprint Reader. It also work great when the Finger is “WET” and faster than the OnePlus and other company’s in-display scanner.

However in case of any Cracks, it will most likely to stop working until the display is repaired or replaced. Samsung’s preinstalled screen protector is not going to do so much to save display from breaking, if phone is dropped down.

So if you don’t want Preinstalled protector on your phone, you just put-it-off in the case.

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