Samsung’s new foldable phone could have a glass display

We saw photos of a foldable phone with a clamshell design claimed to be the next foldable phone from Samsung earlier this month. Now, to add a little more spice to this hypothesis, we have a new question: could this new foldable phone use glass for its screen instead of plastic?

Samsung teased a new foldable phone design back in October, and photos leaked earlier this month indicate that the next Galaxy Fold may well come with the company’s exclusive clamshell. Today, if current rumors are true, the envelope will be moved even further and the panel will be built out of glass— the foldable display.

Samsung has created an ultra-thin glass cover for its next folding phone, pointing to a flatter screen and fewer wrinkles as evidence, according to telephone leaker Ice Universe. It’s probably a wild idea, but not impossible because Samsung has applied for a range of patents for what it calls “Samsung Ultra-Thin Glass.”

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That’s what Ice Universe phone leaker claims, tweeting today that Samsung has created an “ultra-thin glass cover” for its next foldable, pointing to the unknown device’s smooth, unwrinkled appearance as proof. The plastic displays of foldable devices sometimes look rippled when viewed at an angle, and over time just increase more ripples.

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We do know that this technology is being poured into by manufacturers. Foldable glass is seen as an important step towards reaching the mass market for foldable. It is more durable than the commonly used plastic polymers, which would allow the devices to solve their well-known quality problems. Using, fulfilling customer expectations, is also better. Corning, an Apple supplier, is known to produce the content, and industry watchers say that the iPhone maker is waiting for a reliable foldable glass before it launches its own foldable.

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