Secure Communication and Image hashing

Data communication and network security.

The human being has started to explore the communication ways by the early days of life on earth. As communication is very important to exchange the information.

With the passing of time, thousands of languages and writing dictations and transcriptions are being exercised around the world. In the modern world, communicational skills are developed as much as brought a revolution in the communications field. The exchange rate of information is enhanced and day by day it’s being more effective.  By this exchange rate of information of text, images and videos are increased with every passing day.

Although the communicational services and facilities are essential, but the science of fetching information through with the communication channels become a critical issue. Which has got much attraction of developers, researchers, business persons and scientist to improve and enhance the communicational services.

Scientist and developers are trying to invent and develop the more efficient and reliable hardware along with software that could use in the new generation of information. Beside the development and enhancement of hardware and software, the security is major issue. The developers and scientist observed this issue and trying to enhance and develop more the communicational protocols.

The transfer of information needs the secure protocols like MD5, MD6 etc. these protocols are being used to generate the secure hash functions to secure the text information. But another way, the images are typically different, which could be changed like brightness, sharpness, rotations and angles.

The MD5 and MD6 protocols are not suitable to secure the data and information in the form of images. Because of the vulnerability of channels manipulation, the image hash needs to be more powerful more secure and compact. In this way, more work and development needs attention to secure the information in the form of images retrieval, face recognition and object detection. The researcher and developer have already been carried out in the field.

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The data and information transfer protocols are very helpful in the development of secure communication for civilians as well as for military purposes. This concept is also applicable in other fields like multimedia data fetching and multimedia communication and requires a massive and fast computation database along with powerful and enhanced image encryptions and secure transfer protocols with an efficient face and objection detection

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