Smartphones to have Dedicated AI chips by 2022

The counterpoint Research report said on Friday, three out of four smartphones are predicted to have their own dedicated AI chips (Artificial Intelligence processor) by the end of 2022. Sales of Artificial Intelligence Smartphones may be increased to 1250 million units in 2022.

Smartphones to have Dedicated AI chips by 2022

Gareth Owen, Associate Research Director at Counterpoint Research, said: “We see voice assistants as one of the first applications to benefit from device-based processing”.

Apple and Huawei were the first original equipment manufacturers to include the dedicated AI chips in their system chips launched in their handsets (Flagship) in 2017.

And now after two years, all other SoC (system-on-chip) Vendors are trying to follow the suit. Qualcomm is offering an Artificial Intelligence Tensor Accelerator in the Snapdragon 855 hexagon DSP for the first time.

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The main advantage of this is the lower power consumption and the higher AI processing Performance. On the other hand, this should be balanced against the genuine need for Artificial Intelligence processing.

Gareth Owen further added “Today, most voice processing in smartphones is Cloud-based. However, voice assistants will be able to process commands quicker and respond faster with on-device processing. It also resolves privacy concerns”.

Smartphones have already been leveraging the features of Artificial Intelligence for some time. However, until now the processing has been performed often in the Cloud or distributed through the different computer chips like CPUs, GPUs, and DSPs.

As the AI chips are becoming the most important part of Mobile devices, smartphone SoC providers are speeding to enhance the ML (Machine Learning) Capabilities of chips by adding dedicated AI chips into the designs for better performance.

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