Social Media Marketing for Businesses | Platforms & Strategies

In the field of marketing, social media like Facebook, Twiter, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Google plus has gained much importance nowadays. Social media marketing is becoming more popular with time. With the advancement in technologies, social media marketing is much recommended by both the practitioners and researchers. Social media is a powerful source for building a sophisticated network for communication and this communication is not only restricted to a personal level but also very suitable for a professional state.

Social Media Marketing for Businesses | Platforms and Strategies

With the help of this wonderful source, marketing companies have dominated and pacify their business. Social media marketing is described as the promotion of any product or service, through the vast social media platforms and websites. Social media platforms and websites have a stentorian voice for the easy and effective promotion of any product or service launched. Although E-marketing and Digital marketing are still well known social media marketing has gained much attention due to more effective and fast ways of promoting the business.

Social media platforms have data analytical tools, ads campaigns, and many other essential features to communicate with the customers. These tools provide companies with the details of progress, reach, success and engagements. Social media marketing provides a very suitable way to companies for addressing a range of stakeholders. Through social media sites and platforms general public, bloggers, customers can engage with the post and firms can allow customers and Internet users to post user-generated content (e.g., online comments, product reviews, etc.), also known as “earned media,” rather than use marketer-prepared advertising copy.

Social networking sites.

Social media as in the social networking sites make social media marketing very easy. These social networking sites allow communication between companies and customers more effectively. These sites allows different organizations, companies to communicate and built relationships online in order to make the network strong. These sites allows individuals to check, current status and updates of these companies through the analytical system of tools used by these sites. With advancement, these sites make the source of communication even easier. By joining these social channels the companies engage with customers, individuals directly.

The customers can interact with the companies personally. This makes communication easier. For the promotion of every new product the organization can make use of social networking sites and potentially it is an efficient way to engage with the public. The general public can see the features of the product or service, and also of the organization and company through the updates, the companies share through social networking sites. Through different ads, blogs, and posts companies can interact with the public. The users can post, comment and retweet directly by social networking sites and as a result, more traffic is brought to the product or company, as by commenting, sharing and retweeting the user’s connections are built.

Through social networking sites, companies can get to know about the needs, reviews of the audience and public and can stay in touch with the customers. Customers can express their needs, wants and values online through these sites and thus the engagement between the customers and companies become strong. This creates a feeling of loyalty, potential, and creativity among the customers. An understanding of buying signals can help sales-people target relevant prospects and marketers run micro-targeted campaigns.

Up to 2014, about 80% of business organizers described social media as a necessary and integral part of promoting their business. Through social media marketing business organizers and retailers have 133% increases in their shares.

Mobile phones are playing an essential role in social media marketing as roughly 81% of the current population has some type of social media account. Through these social media accounts, people engage with companies. Mobile phones have web browsers which allow the public to access the social networking sites making the online business possible. These sites provide complete information about the price, stuff, and the features of the products. Updates about the products and services are also provided. Thus by using mobile phone social media marketing is becoming easier.

New features such a QR Codes have been also launched for the individual to quick access to the product’s information. Social media marketing through mobile phones gives a 37% increase in revenue each month. In 2017, figures suggest that more than 90% of Internet users will access online content through their phones. New features in the future will enhance marketing even at a greater slope.


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