Saturday, November 28, 2020
Home Technology Sony “CFexpress” Type B Memory Card with "1700MBps" Read Speed

Sony “CFexpress” Type B Memory Card with “1700MBps” Read Speed

Sony introduced a new memory card, especially for Cameras, with up to 1700MBps Read Speed. This Memory card has been designed for professional usage. With a pretty fast data transfer rate, Sony claimed that the “CFexpress” could also be used in rough working conditions. This Sony “CFexpress” card has 128GB Storage Capacity. Sony also has planned to build-up 250GB and 512GB Memory Cards in the future.

Sony claimed that this Memory card is three times faster than the “CFast” Memory Card with the fastest one in company memory card Showcase. The “CFexpress” has a peak read speed of 1700MBps and 1480MBps of Write speed. Which is very helpful for Professional usage scenarios like shooting videos with high speed and high-resolution photos

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