SSK Smart Language Translator Device : Muama Enence Alternative

If you are a businessman or a tourist and have to travel to different countries around the world, so, definitely, either you need to learn foreign languages, hire a translating person or an instant voice translator device such as Muama Enence or SSK Smart Language Translator Device to communicate with people.

Learning different languages takes lots of effort and time. And to be honest, not everyone is apt for learning them. In most countries around the world, many people speak English to some capacity, or to be specific, roughly 1.5 to 2 billion people can speak it. But there are many countries where the English language isn’t spoken, especially Middle Eastern countries don’t have many people who understand English.

People mostly prefer Muama Enence instant voice translator.  And no doubt, Muama Enence Instant voice translator is a superb device. But in this article, I’ll explain why SSK Smart Language Translator Device could be a better alternative for you.

SSK Smart Language Translator Device Main Features

SSK Smart Language Translator Device is the latest and final model of smart voice translator that people love to use.  The company provides a 1-year warranty for each purchase. It supports and translates as many as 86 different languages. The result of the translation is undeniable, accurate, and understandable. It consists of ultra-high translation accuracy for complicated and confusing sentences; the accuracy rate is about 98%. Both voice and text can be translated within just half a second.

What’s More, it is straight connected with a mobile phone as its App is available to download on the Android play store and iOS App Store. SSK Smart Language Translator device is a compact and best travel translator device. Very importantly, this Pocket Voice/Text Bluetooth (EDR2.1+BLE4.0) Translator is featured with the world’s best AI translation chip: Microsoft, Google, IFLYTEK, and Baidu.  An additional unique and advanced feature of the device is that it offers Photo Recognition Translation, You can take a pic and translate in a real-time, how cool it is, Isn’t It?

SSK Smart Language Translator Device Language Support

This small and smart device supports about 86 languages. It supports up to 15 different types of Arabic, 20 types of Spanish, four kinds of Tamil, two types of French and Portuguese, three types of Chinese, 13 varieties of English.

Source and Target languages both can change to any other language. You have to click on the App to find and choose languages, For example, English to German, Korean to Spanish, or Chines to English. These Features makes the device especially helpful people who travel in different countries and do business with international customers.

Additionally, it facilitates the following languages:

Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Bulgarian, Czech, Croatian, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, German, Hungarian, Hindi, Hebrew, Indonesian and Italian.

Advantages and disadvantages SSK Smart Language Translator Device

Concerning the benefits, the SSK is very accurate and translates phrases perfectly. Even if you try the photo recognition feature, it works wonderfully. It’s long and smooth battery-life (950mAh) and compact design makes it more attractive.

Concerning the disadvantages, it is slow sometimes, as well as the charging time is a bit longer. It is not an offline translator like Muama Translator and cannot work without connecting to a smartphone.

You can buy SSK Smart Language Translator Device online from Amazon. The Price Range is about $69.

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