Staten Island Amazon workers to strike over coronavirus working conditions

Worker’s dissatisfaction is on the rise over Amazon’s managing of workers ‘health during the coronavirus pandemic

Amazon Workers at Staten Island facility are organizing a Monday afternoon walkout to protest what they’re saying is dangerous working conditions. The demonstration comes after at least one worker at that warehouse has tested positive for coronavirus.

The demonstration is scheduled to take place at 12:30 pm local time outside the building. According to an email alert about the activity, the New York Post announced on Sunday that there are plans to walk out about 200 employees.

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The employees will be joined by supporters from Athena, New York City Communities for Change and Make the Road NY, three advocacy organizations that have often criticized Amazon’s treatment of its workers.

Amazon has said on many occasions that it is working hard to protect workers from coronavirus, including enhanced cleaning and physical distance in warehouses. Amazon announced Monday that ” “the vast majority of employees continue to show up and do the heroic work of delivering for customers every day.”

As of Friday, there was at least one worker in 14 Amazon warehouses in the US who had tested positive for COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by a coronavirus.

Amazon Confirms Two Italian workers affected by Coronavirus

An Amazon spokesperson called out the strike leader Christian Smalls in an emailed statement; his statements are “simply unfounded.”

“We have heard a number of incorrect comments from Christian Smalls, the hourly associate claiming to be the spokesperson on this topic,” the spokesperson said. “Mr. Smalls is alleging many misleading things in his statements, but we believe it’s important to note that he is, in fact, on a 14-day self-quarantine requested by Amazon to stay home with full pay. He was placed in paid quarantine out of an abundance of caution because we notified him that he may have had close contact with someone at the building who was diagnosed.”

For information, precautions, and updates about the coronavirus pandemic, please visit the WHO website.

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