Experts are exchanging views on this topic for years. Undoubtedly technology has made human life much easier and trouble-free but its pessimistic aspects can’t be shrugged off.

A famous historian and teacher, Christian Louse Lange quotes: “Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.”

Now the question comes in our mind about how technology has benefited us and our life. The list is so long that it can’t be covered up in an article. I believe that a full list of boons would require a book. From the wristwatch to the car, everything is digitized. For sure, technology has rationalized numerous fields. Either it is the field of farming or medicine or electronics, technology has resulted in a global revolution. Technology has provided easy access to information through the internet. It has given us superior and preferable means of communication.

Moreover, technology brings fun and stimulants to our classrooms. Multiple software and various electronic gadgets have been introduced so far to help students in their studies. Better and effective techniques have been commenced in healthier food. I’ll give credit to the that the disabled are no more disables. They are potently in the long haul of success with the normal ones. The health sector has got a fair amount of benefits from tech diseases like cancer to have a proper cure now. Even today, there are multitudinous fields that cannot hold out without it.

Now come towards the downsides of technology

Albert Einstein quotes:

“We are living in a world where technology almost surpassed humanity.”

It is playing a very significant role in every facet of life. But don’t you think it is making us nitwit day by day. It’s all because of the tech that students have developed lousy study habits. Instead of using their brains, students are always busy finding answers on the internet. Then who needs teachers when we have Google and various search engines to find out solutions in the blink of an eye? People are now inordinately influenced by the contributions of tech such as laptops, cars, and smartphones, etc. Our day-to-day chores are entirely dependent on the gifts of technology. The crime rate has increased alarmingly. Plagiarism has excessively arisen, and it’s the tech that has put information and figures and facts on everyone’s fingertips.

I believe technology has sprung into all fields to a greater extent. We must always use it to a limited extent. We should never permit techn to become an obstacle in the development of our skills. Better planning is necessary.