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Lenovo's Carme smartwatch (HW25P) is ready to be launched

Lenovo Carme smartwatch (HW25P) is ready to be launched

Lenovo Carme (Model HW25P) smartwatch will make its debut on Saturday 15 September 2019. This new and modern smartwatch includes touch support, 2.5D curved surface design, and an IPS (in-plane switching)...
What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)

What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)? Everything You Need to Know

Artificial Intelligence is actually a part of computer science and a computer program that is focused on the designing and developing of intelligent machines that can work and respond just like...
MUAMA Enence Instant Voice Translator - Features and User Manual

MUAMA Enence Voice Translator – Complete User Manual

If you are traveling and need a personal Language translator or assistant, you don’t need to hire someone to assist you. MUAMA Enence Instant voice translator (supports up to 32 international...
Apple’s upcoming foldable iPad with 5G Network Support | Rumours

Apple foldable iPad, an upcoming model with 5G Network

Apple is reportedly focusing on a new foldable iPad Model with 5G network enabled. As per media reports, this new iPad model may possibly launch it in 2020. These rumors are actually...
MUAMA Enence Translator- A device that will help you in communication

MUAMA Enence Translator- A Brief Introduction

Are you a traveller or you have to deal with foreign companies? Then MUAMA Enence translator is a device that is made for you. Understanding different foreign languages require high command...

AUTOMATION- Advancements and Robotization

Automation is a technological advancement that helps reduce human efforts. Automation includes various commands to run dependant equipment such as machines, power systems, factory processes, control networking, piloting ships and maintaining other...