MUAMA Enence Translator- A device that will help you in communication

MUAMA Enence Translator- A Brief Introduction

Are you a traveler or you have to deal with foreign companies? Then MUAMA Enence translator is a device that is made for you. Understanding different foreign languages require high command...

AUTOMATION- Advancements and Robotization

Automation is a technological advancement that helps reduce human efforts. Automation includes various commands to run dependant equipment such as machines, power systems, factory processes, control networking, piloting ships and maintaining other...
Microsoft’s "Project Scarlett" ,next-generation Xbox for 2020 | 8K graphics,ray-tracing and SSD storage

Microsoft’s “Project Scarlett”, next-generation Xbox for 2020

Today, Microsoft is going to reveal the details about its next-generation Xbox hardware. Most probably Microsoft would release two new Xbox consoles in 2020, one, a new model "Xbox One S" and the...
Panasonic announced the full-frame shooter, World’s First 6K/24p Recording Capability Camera having an affordable price| The Lumix S1H

Panasonic announced the full-frame shooter, The Lumix S1H

Panasonic Lumix mirrorless video cameras are generally considered to be the right choice for any person, who is planning create amazing videos and photos within an affordable price range.The company has announced...
mechanical ventilator

MECHANICAL VENTILATOR – Introduction, and Manual

Introduction of Mechanical Ventilator Breathing is a basic necessity to live and lead a life. Breathing in (taking in) fresh oxygen-rich air furnishes cells with ample oxygen supply and breathing out (expelling...
Top Ten Most Expensive Laptops 2019

Top Ten Most Expensive Laptops 2019

The evolution of technology has surprised the mankind. There is no more requirement for an old desktop computer. The most expensive, modern and gaming laptops have taken their place. Technology becomes...
Unity Games Engine 3D

Unity Games Engine – Top ten Games With Publishing Date

Unity Games Engine 3D future and in-demand development skills A GAME ENGINE is a composition of software to design and develop digital games. The main function of these engines is to provide...
video game

Gaming Technologies – A Brief Introduction

Innovation refers to growing at an incredibly fast rate. One of the noticeable innovation in advancements could be found in the Gaming (Games/video games) Industry, which is developing internationally every year....

Web Development Technologies 2019

website is actually a collection of publicly available, inter-linked Web-pages. that shares a single domain name. Websites could be developed and managed by organizations, groups, and even a single person, to...
Apple roll-outs its most powerful MacBook Pro laptop

Apple roll-outs its most powerful MacBook Pro laptop

Apple has introduced a new range of MacBook Pro laptops with 8th and 9th generation Intel Core processors. The new Apple 15 inch display laptop now comes with 6-core and 8-cores...